Reason Number Five Million Why You Need an Emergency Fund

Yesterday, while driving down the highway to work, my boyfriends car was struck by lightning. He heard an explosion, was surrounded by white light, then realized his car lost all power and was coasting on momentum.

On a highway during a thunderstorm, during rush hour.

First things first: He's absolutely fine. Not a scratch on him. His car? Well, that's a bit of a different story. The strike fried the computer in his car so it's unable to start. The dealer/insurance company are looking at it right now. In the meantime, he's had to pay for towing and rental car that are not covered by insurance. Chances are the insurance company will cover repairs but he'll still be on the hook for the $500 deductible. Several months ago, the BF got very serious about his financial security and simultaneously began paying down debt while building up an emergency fund. Thanks to his focus, this completely crazy and random emergency makes for great storytelling (and lamenting that he didn't get any super powers from the ordeal) rather financial disaster.