"How Healthy Are Your Finances?"

Take the financial health test for yourself at CNNMoney.com

For once, I'm an A student. I even get to be the melancholy genius that realizes that the high grade really doesn't mean much as I disagree with some of it's measurements, especially it's idea that 3 months for an emergency fund is plenty. Boo, BOO! If the current economic climate has taught me anything, it's that you better have at least 9 months to a year's worth of money to live on. Call me conservative, but that's what I'm seeing. I probably would have gotten an A+ if they didn't ding me for not having life insurance. I have no children, no partner, no property, and no debt. What do I need life insurance for? Pfft!

This is cute to go through, but hella generic.

h/t Single Ma