January 2008 Net Worth and Updates

My net worth
While my overall net worth took a ding going down 3.27%, my cash on-hand has gone up by 51%! Clearly, the current market slide is hurting my retirement funds. Also I rebalanced my 401(k) portfolio to reflect my aggressive growth goals. This required selling a bit (yeah, boo) but also buying a lot more at a discount (yay!). Some of those funds yielded high returns but had a hefty expense ratio. My emerging markets fund's expense ratio was 1.40%. Yeah, had to let that go.

I think the next step is to move my Roth from my bank to a Vanguard Target Retirement 2035 Fund. These are all index funds with far more reasonable expense ratios. It's just a matter of figuring out how to move the money with the least amout of problems.

Update: Goal reached!
I've fully funded my health care/deductible fund! Moving forward, all of my savings over the next few months will be going towards my Roth contribution.