I got my federal tax refund in less than 10 days

Color me stunned
I filed both my federal and state taxes on Sunday, January 27. I checked my bank account yesterday and noticed I had all this money. At first I was alarmed because I thought I forget to make a payment or something was wrong. I looked at the details and saw that the federal government was actually on point with paying my refund. With all the talk of delays and such, I thought I would be seeing anything until May. Guess it pays to file early.

Travel fund goal updated
So now I have my $622 much sooner than I thought I would and I put it into my travel fund as planned. It brings me to 62% of my travel fund goal, the bar on right has been updated.

So about that Roth IRA...
I'm still trying to figure out what to do as far as:
  1. Whether or not I should move my Roth from my bank; and
  2. What kind of fund(s) I should get to with it to make sure my overall retirement portfolio is balanced and diverse while suited to my goals.
I'll admit the second point is keeping me stagnated. I honestly don't know how to proceed with that and it's making me want to look for a fee-based financial planner to give me advice on what to do. But even if I do that, I have to research and become educated so I know what they are talking about. So really, I'm somewhat paralyzed by my ignorance, fear, and ineptitude. Until and I can woman up and move forward, I'm just going to start making contributions again to my Roth at the bank until I figure out just what in the deep-fried hell I'm doing. I figure putting money into it is better than letting it sit in my checking account.