Taxes: Done

I believe this is the earliest I'd ever file my taxes. I also did them for free! Since my adjusted gross income for 2007 was below $54,000, I was entitled to file for free with various online preparers. I went with TaxACT. I would have gone with TurboTax, however you had to have less than $30,000 to file for free with them. TaxACT is easy enough to use, it's just that it's unnecessarily lengthy. What takes multiple screens with TaxACT is done in one with TurboTax.

While I'm getting back $622 from the feds, and I had to pay $1 to the state. Overall, not bad. However I believe I can do better. when I get to work tomorrow, I'm going to set about changing my federal withholding from 1 to 2 as I believe I need my money more than my government does.