Oprah saved my financial life

Back in January of 2007, a coworker and I were chatting about money and how we could never quite figure out where ours was going. She mentioned an episode of Oprah's Debt Diet and if I had seen it. I'd never even heard of it so I went to the site and was impressed by all the information. I can see you rolling your eyes, but stay with me and remember, this was at the beginning of my fiscal journey.

So yeah, I watched the videos, read the stories, but it wasn't until I got to Step 3, Part 2: Lower Your Interest Rates that the ball really started rolling for me. I printed Jean Chatzky's script for talking to the credit card company and called them up. Don't know that not only did they lower my interest rate from 18.24 to 15.24, they gave me 1,000 flier miles! That was the trigger that got me motivated to get out of debt and move to financial independence.

My financial accomplishments in 2007

  • Paid off $8,200 in credit card debt within six months.
  • A two-week luxury vacation to Quebec: $4,000. Paying it ALL off the day you get home because you saved the money beforehand: Priceless.

I've contributed:
  • $9,000 to my 401k.
  • $1,000 to my emergency fund.
  • $3,600 to my unemployment fund.

2007 was the first year in a long time where I didn't wake up every morning feeling like my life was a waste. I had a goal of getting out of debt. I lived and breathed it every day. Not only did I accomplish it, I flew past it and was able to set and accomplish new goals. I feel like I'm taking good care of myself by managing my money and feel thankful and lucky to be in the position I'm in. Granted, I'm not wealthy by any means, but I am far and beyond more secure than where I was a year ago. With planning, focus, and luck I'll be saying the same thing this time next year.