The Common Factor of All Divorces? Marriage.

I kid! Kinda... Anyway, I have three weddings coming up between now and the end of 2010.

  • November 2009 (the day after Thanksgiving, btw) that I just got the invitation for from a former co-worker that would be out of town.

  • April 2010 for a cousin that I hadn't spoken to in years, but is nice and came by the house a few times when my dad was sick. This would be in town, no invitations yet.

  • September 2010 (Labor Day weekend) for an out-of-town cousin that I'm quite fond of. No invitations sent for this one yet either, but that didn't stop them from announcing their engagement in September of 2008. :::groan:::

While I'd like to attend all three weddings, I am only going to attend the two in 2010. The first and most important reason being that this will be the first Thanksgiving without my father and I want to be home with my mother. Actually, nothing else needs to be said after that. This coworker is a wonderful person and I'm truly happy she found a partner worthy of all she has to give. So I'd like to participate in their celebration by sending a gift even though I will not witness to the ceremony.