April 2008 Net Worth

Overall, my net worth has increased by 4.6% to bump me up the $85k range. If everything goes according to plan, I'll be saving an additional $13,600 this year, which would bring me (provided my investments don't completely tank) to around $98k! I'd need just a bump from my retirement funds to have me breathing the rarefied air of the $100k club. But everything is so unpredictable these days. I'll just keep saving and see what happens. But I'd love to break that $100k seal this year. :)

A closer look at my asset/debt classes
  • Cash: The 1+% boost comes from the regular bit of cash I stash for my charity fund and whatever extra money I have from my paycheck that hadn't been allocated.
  • Bonds/Retirement: No change with bonds. The 4+% boost in retirement comes mainly from my contribution to my Roth IRA ($1,600) and a little bump in earnings it provided. My 401k isn't losing as much money these days. Only a 7% loss instead of 14% last time I blogged about it. I'll take that as a win.
  • Credit Cards: Of the $431, $96 was for groceries and $335 was a plane ticket to visit a significant other (more on that later). These debts will be paid off with the next pay check. No worries there.
Of course, I'd like to be doing a lot better, but for someone on a single income with no house, I think I'm doing ok. :)