I should be catching some serious zzz's right now, but I wanted to check in since it's been a while.

1. My bosses at work gave me a $200 AMEX gift card! Another gave me a $50 gift card to Macy's!

2. I tried to use the AMEX gc to buy Quicken Deluxe online, however since it couldn't verify my billing address with the gc, it wouldn't go through. I ended up putting it on my credit card. No worries, I have the funds to cover the purchase comfortably. I was going to get Quicken Premier but decided I didn't want the added investment features.

3. However I did manage to save $12 by using a promo code from Retailmenot.com.

4. So now I have Quicken Deluxe and it's not as intuitive as I had hoped. There is still a lot of information I have to enter. I'm hoping once it's all in there, it will be a valuable tool. I want it to pull my info from ING Direct, however it only asks for the user ID and password. Well ING uses about a bajillion passwords, which one am I supposed to use? Meh, I'll sort it out later.

5. Other things I might spend my gc's on: Earphones? A ridiculous amount of make up? One of these? I dunno yet. I don't want to waste my gc's, however I feel compelled to buy something for myself that I normally wouldn't due to budget constraints.

6. While I was making a list of things I want, I also jotted notes about my financial goals for 2008. Once I have those finalized they'll be posted here.

Eeep! It's getting late and I need to go to bed! More later!